“I act not only act as a ‘catalyst’ for change but help motivate people to discover their potential.

What is it I am passionate about?

If I were to really sit down and work out what it is I do this for, and what I aim to achieve through my services it would have to be precipitating change… Seeing my patients and clients CHANGE their lives, their outlooks, and their approach to the world is a humbling experience…

To watch as they develop overall ‘fitness’.

What do I mean by ‘fitness’? Well – it incorporates strength, power, vigor, robustness, flexibility, resilience, health, malleability, endurance, elasticity, pro-activity, productivity, sustainability, spirit, integrity…. Potential…. The list goes on…

And this concept of ‘total fitness’ (body, mind, metabolic) is what I aim for with all my clients.

This concept of ‘fitness’ can also be broadened to a community level too. A way to promote coherence, health, productivity and sustainability. ‘Globally’ it can be used in regards to the population health, evolution, and the overall progress of our world.

In the individual I believe that fitness & health is more than ‘physical’ performance. It has mental/psychological, emotional, social and physiological aspects. A person can not function in ‘isolation’ – what good is being ‘lean’ if you are unable to share your life with people of importance to you? And what good is being able to lift record making weights, only to break MENTALLY on show day? For someone to see their full potential, a person must ‘work’ and be ‘fit’ in all of these areas.

This is where modern western medicine goes wrong. We ‘specialise’ our attention. We focus our money and resources on ‘Band-Aids’. We wait until the patients come to us when they are ‘sick’, instead of going to them when they are WELL, a time when they will benefit most from our actions. Similarly, as PATIENTS we usually will not change our habits unless ‘forced’ – we don’t ‘diet until fat’, we don’t go to a doctor until sick, and we don’t stop to think about the consequences of our actions until it is too late.

On a community scale – we do the same… We are essentially creating ‘rootless communities’. We are all ‘too busy’ to care, and it is always ‘too hard’, to change, or it is always ‘someone else’s problem’ to fix. We see holes in the fabrics of society, and ‘fill in’ the gaps with straw solutions in the hopes that the dam will hold against the pressure – and then we wonder why the system break down under pressure, or why everything is too ‘broken’ to fix. Be that in regards to PHYSICAL and MENTAL health risks, or in regards to the ENVIRONMENTAL and SOCIAL aspects of communities.

My thoughts are: Why not work to establish, reinforce, and strengthen what is strong before it stresses and breaks?

To focus on physical medicine our lack of action to date has created a circumstance where “we are facing the first generations of children who are likely to die of chronic disease before their parents”! In regards to the ‘social health’ of communities, and the environment in which we live – you only have to see the increasing rates of violence and abuse, the increasing rates of homelessness and poverty, and the rapid destruction of the environment to realize the paths we are on are leading the wrong direction.

If we are going to turn the tide we need to take complete shift in thinking – We need to re-educate, we need to ‘refocus’ and re-establish all those long lost ‘principles of fitness’. And we need to act at all levels – individuals, communities and countries. We need to become proactive in ‘prevention’. Better food, more activity (both incidental and organized), establishing and protecting ‘green spaces’, fostering ‘community approaches’ and addressing the REAL issues at hand…

Idealistic? Maybe…. But what is the harm in trying?