My Services

So…. What ‘Emma-Leigh’ has evolved into over the years is a process of change…. My clients have included:

  • People with specific athletic and aesthetic goals such as athletes (e.g.: triathletes, marathon runners, weight lifters), body-builders/figure and fitness competitors
  • People who simply want to improve their health or body (e.g: weekend warriors, daily gym goers etc)
  • People with medical needs (e.g: thyroid disease, auto-immune disease, Irritable bowel)
  • People recovering or battling with mental illness or eating disorder

During the time I work with someone – I will cover any number of issues including body composition, fitness and exercise, diet and supplementation, physical health and disease, and psychological or emotional health. My aim is to educate, challenge misconceptions, and help redefine all aspects of an individuals perceived ‘limits’.

For Physical Issues:

  • I create and manipulate Individualised training programs to enhance and improve performance.
  • I intergreate this with nutritional interventions, and dietary supplements to maximise training responses, optimize nutrient partitioning, and enhance metabolic health.
  • I have a special interest in physical adaptation, metabolic enhancement, and nutrient partitioning and what can we do (in terms of diet/ exercise/ supplements) to maximise these things.

For Psychological/ Emotional Issues:

  • I act not only act as a ‘catalyst’ for change but help motivate people to discover their potential (given just a little focus and ‘hard work’).
  • I also ensure to ‘keep it real’. And I aim to communicate the ‘what and why’ of all I do. This is to help reinforce a ‘common sense’ approach to health, dieting and training (esp. for those who are used to the ‘all or nothing’ approach) and will also allow people to ‘go on’ to continue what we do for years to come!

I often get asked what it is I provide for people…. This is very hard to categorize – when working with people I use a very individual approach. I tailor what I do with each person and their life, body and goals. No two people are the same, and nor will they need the same program or approach.

But what I can do can be via:

  • Consultations – these can be ‘face-to-face’, over e-mail, through instant messenger systems, or via the phone. They can be used to address diet, training or health concerns. They can also be used to discuss avenues for further/future interventions or to allow for modifications to existing programs.
  • I am very keen on Monitoring and Mentoring Programs. In this we set up regular contact (eg: e-mail, phone consults, web-messaging) to discuss training, diet or physique goals as well as physical or psychological concerns. They can be combined with a diet or training plan or done independently.
  • Nutrition Advice can be as detailed or ‘general’ as you desire – and can be used for health or fitness concerns, or be used for individuals with specific goals such as bodybuilding competitions and sports events. Most sessions involve an assessment of your current status (diet/supplements, underlying health issues, weight, height, body fat % (if known), daily activity level/current exercise routine) which is used to calculate what would best suit your goals. I can offer consults and basic diet advice, guidelines (eg: food choices, supplements), or write detailed plans and programs including diet outlines with macro-nutrient and calorie requirements. Follow ups consults can be organized as desired.
  • Training and Exercise Plans and Programs can, once again, be simple once off consults, basic training outlines (for those who are simply looking to get healthy, lose weight, gain fitness or get muscle), or be very specific and detailed training programs for competitions or specific sport gains. As with the nutrition outlines, these involve a consultation to discuss your current program and your goals, following which a basic weekly exercise program will be constructed. The program is based around your goals and is designed keeping in mind your ability level, access to equipment and any specific time constraints you may have. Additional monitoring can be included to allow continual modifications and adjustments to be made and to allow you an avenue to raise concerns
  • Supermarket Tours are offered and allow me to take you to food shops or supplement stores to give tips and pointers on the best choices for your goals and Information Sessions and Presentations or Seminars for groups of individuals or functions are also available if desired
  • Public Talks/ Lectures

Obviously – Combinations of the above can be organised and any number of permutations applied.

Supplements and Products

As part of my services, to clients in Australia, and New Zealand I am able to sell/ provide a range of nutritional supplements and supplies, both for sport and health.

To get more information on what it is I offer – both in regards to services and supplements please contact me via the Contact Page.