Most nutrients can be gained from a well balanced healthy diet. But there are some incidences where people are unable to eat what is required – and this is where supplements come in.

For example – they may have a poor food supply (eg: living in remote areas), they may have increased requirements (eg: they are doing a lot of physical activity, or they are pregnant), or they may have special health needs that respond to different levels of nutrients… And in these cases it is important to know what you need, and were you can find it.

Some common nutrients that are not often found at adequate levels in most diets include:

  • Specific Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fats (eg: EPA and DHA – from fish oils)
  • Calcium, Magesium & Vitamin D
  • Potassium

And some common supplements that can be useful in people who are active or who want to improve their health:

  • Probiotics (‘healthy bugs’)
  • Glucosamine (seen to be especially beneficial to help protect joints, especially large joints such as knees and hips)
  • Fibre


The above information on supplements is primarily for HEALTH and I do NOT advocating adding supplements as ‘a means’ of weight loss early in the game…

If you don’t have the ‘good diet’ and ‘adequate exercise’ part down to a good routine, then ‘adding supplements’ is NOT the answer to your problem and they will NOT get any significant results…

You will simply be wasting your money…

So – If you ARE having trouble – Go back to the ‘basics’ and get that ‘down’… because it is only once these are on track, and you are already fairly ‘lean’ that additional weight loss measures (such as supplements) start to have a role (see ‘targeted nutrition and training’ tab).