Research – An ever expanding research based compendium on supplements, nutrition, fitness, and health


HighWire Press

BioMed Central – Peer reviewed open access journals

Free Medical Journals – An index of free full text

 Supplements & Drugs

USDA Dietary Supplement Page

Medline Plus – Information on a range of health/ nutrition/ medical topics – More vitamin and supplement information

CDC Center for Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity Research

 Food & Nutrition Information

Human Nutrition – A brief rundown of the basics of nutrition – Learn in more detail about macronutrient contents/ vitamin contents of your favourite foods

CalorieCount -Another nutrition counter – but has an excellent recipe feature where you can calculate out your favourite recipes

Calculating the Energy in Foods – Not for the faint hearted… You should have some basic understanding of nutrition before reading this

Protein Energy Interactions – Another detailed bit of material about the interactions between protein and energy in the diet. Old, but still useful. This is from the United Nations University.

Linus Pauling Micronutrient information Centre – More in depth information on vitamins/ minerals

Refrigerator and Shelf Life Information

Cook’s Thesaurus – For all those ingredients you are not sure about

Diet Nutrition and Lifestyle Internet Resources – A list of links you can search through for nutrition and diet information – Nutritional info on generic foods as well as a really good list of restaurant nutrition as well

 People in the Know

Alan Aragon’s Research Review – In addition to lecturing for some of the highest profile sports nutrition institutes in America, Alan is a highly regarded author, trainer and produces high quality critical reviews of fitness-related research

Lyle McDonald’s Bodyrecomposition – The wiki of fatloss. This is a man who has spent good part of his life and sanity in pursuit of knowledge in the area of nutrition, exercise and body composition. Very good information

Jamie Hale’s Max Conditioning – A highly experienced trainer, with a focus on conditioning and nutrition, Jamie has over two decades of results to back up his name. Check out the link to discover what real ‘hard work’ actually means.

Martin Berkhan’s Lean Gains – A man with a ‘straight up’ approach to diet and training, Martin is most well recognised as the mind behind Intermitted Fasting. But he does much more than this. Check out his site as he continues to work to shatter the myths of what is required to get results.

Things I Like?

Bodymedia – Made famous on shows such as ‘The Biggest Loser’ these are small devices that you wear (24 hrs a day, 7 days a week) that allow you to track your daily calorie expenditure, your sleep and your activity level. It comes with a handy online log that allows you to enter your daily diet too – giving you insight into your energy equation.

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QuestBars – High fibre, high protein, and so very tasty! These bars are, without a doubt, the best quality and best tasting protein bar on the market! I am the only Australian based stockists. Please contact me for more information.

MeasureUp – Located in central Sydney, Measure Up offers Body Composition analysis via DEXA. Fast, accurate, and cost effective. For those who are looking for a measure of body fat and lean mass, as well as bone mass, I would suggest you head down to check them out. Mention that I sent you down!

Contacts in Australia

Elena Oswald at Peak Health Dietetics

Luke Dorizas at Beyond Studio

Nick and Linda at Get Fizical