Recommended Reading


  1. Body Opus by Dan Duchaine is a classic. It is on my ‘must have’ list for all those interested in this area
  2. Lyle McDonald’s books
  3. Leigh Peele has good information in ‘Fat Loss Troubleshooter’ for those who want a simple, effective outline for dieting
  4. Alan Aragon’s monthly reviews are excellent, and his book ‘Girth Control’ helps to present the more ‘science-y’ details
  5. Jamie Hale – No Nonsense Nutrition
  6. ’Clinical Sports Nutrition’ by Burke et al. Click here
  7. ‘Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism’ by Gropper Click here
  8. ‘Biochemical, Physiological & Molecular Aspects of Human Nutrition’ by Stipanok Click here
  9. And also not ‘technically’ nutrition, but worthwhile addition to my list: ‘Exercise Physiology: Energy, Nutrition, and Human Performance’ by McArdle is also excellent.Click here

Physical Training

  1. For those ‘weight training but not needing detailed routines’ you can’t go wrong with either ‘Starting strength’ or ‘Practical Programming’ by Rippetoe. I like the simple/ easy to read approach (a KISS type way of things).
  2. For more detail I liked the NSCA’s publication ‘Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning’ by Baechle Click here (recently put out in the third edition). Good details and enough for most who want/ need more specific programs.
  3. Not sure if it qualifies but Dan John ‘From the Ground Up’ although short (and more specific to oly lifts) instills a LOT of good principles and runs in line with a lot of my thinking: Keep it Simple (don’t get fooled); Make it a Habit; Know what you want; Keep the Passion. I think they are pretty good things to live by…. And they transcend into other areas too.
  4. The Biophysical Foundations of Human Movement by Abernethy et al.
  5. ‘Clinical Sports Medicine’ by Burkner and Khan [an essential for all those who want to know ‘what is what’ when it comes to sports injury].

General Health

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Other recommendations

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